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A big thank you to Z & S Star balloons, I found the service to be the highest quality and professionalism. A special thanks to Melissa for her great sense of urgency to get our order completed quickly.
The quality of the balloons was fantastic and were a fantastic promotional product for the trade show,  the adults and children loved the vibrant colours. We will not hesitate to call on Z & S again. ”


“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for your professional and efficient service which we have received whilst dealing with Z&S over the last 5 years.

On numerous occasions I have placed orders for various products, including printed balloons, and have always received my orders as promised and on time.

Your staff are extremely helpful and professional when it comes to orders for printed balloons and other products and the response time for a proof for logos has been received within a few hours of me discussing my requirements with your staff.

The quality of your products is second to none and I will certainly continue to use Z&S Star as my preferred supplier.”

The Most Skilled Topless Waiters in Melbourne

The Most Skilled Topless Waiters in Melbourne

There are many establishments these days that have interesting and unforgettable “concepts” or “themes.” If you’re trying to search for an establishment in Melbourne that concentrates on waiters who are totally topless, then you’re in luck. Topless waiters in Melbourne, Australia are no longer a big rarity. People who want to relish the pleasures of topless waiters in Melbourne can easily do so. How can they do so? They can do so by zeroing in on businesses that are known for them. If you want to have a spirited and laid-back nightlife experience in the enormous metropolis, you should put your attention into topless waiters in Melbourne. Viewing topless waiters in Melbourne in action can be a joy for you and for all of the people who are alongside you. Find Topless Waiters in Melbourne here http://www.malestrippersinmelbourne.com.au
hottest male strippers group shot

Topless waiters in Melbourne can be strong fits for all kinds of joyous occasions. If you’re in charge of planning your best friend’s hen night celebrations, then you may want to look into recruiting topless waiters. Topless waiters can make the bride-to-be blush. They can make all of her friends and family members giddy as well. What can be better for a casual hen night bash? If you’re looking to plan a bachelorette party that belongs in the record books, then you need to browse all of your choices in topless waiters who are nearby.

Recruiting topless waiters in Melbourne doesn’t have to be an exercise in stress. You can easily discover topless waiters who work in the city through the magic of the Internet. Search for local companies that have rosters of topless waiters. You may even be able to search based on waiter photographs. You should search for waiters who fit the specific image that’s floating in your head. People often browse topless waiters based on factors such as physique, experience and temperament. If you want to surprise your friend with a topless waiter who is cool, calm and collected, you can do so. If you want to delight her with a topless waiter who has an amazingly sturdy and muscular physique, you can easily do so. There are many topless waiters in the city who have been strutting their stuff to audiences for years.

Topless waiters Melbourne at Males Strippers in Melbourne can give any event or occasion a degree of levity. It can be hard to feel tension when topless waiters are in the vicinity. They can give you and your friends something to talk about all night long. They can give you something to giggle about in a lighthearted way as well. Topless waiters are turning into a huge craze in all different parts of the world. They’re typical sights at birthday celebrations in all parts of Australia and New Zealand. They’re typical sights at bachelorette parties in Europe, South America, North America and beyond as well. If you want simple access to the most wonderful topless waiters in Melbourne, you should go online as soon as possible. Looking into businesses that offer topless waiters is a walk in the park.

Hens Night Melbourne Makeup Class

Taking a Makeup Class For a Hens Night Melbourne

All brides want to look their best on their wedding day. A bride wants to feel fabulously confident as she strolls down the aisle knowing that all eyes will be on her as she does. As she heads for her wedding, it’s more important than ever before to have wedding look she really likes. Part of any great wedding look is the right kind of makeup. Makeup helps any bride show off her best features. While many brides may know at least something about the use of makeup, they also appreciate help from a professional who specializes in bridal makeup. A professional makeup class is perfect for any hens night Melbourne http://www.henspackagesmelbourne.com.au/ All the members of the bridal party can learn exactly how to get the best look for the big day during the hens night Melbourne. Professionals can help everyone feel confident during the wedding reception and for any pictures that might be taken on that day.

Everyone Can Participate

One of the best things about the hens packages Melbourne when it involves a makeup class is that everyone can attend the party. Little flower girls can sample some makeup and play with it while the adults enjoy themselves. The bride can take the time during the hens night Melbourne to learn about her makeup options in a low key and relaxed setting. Taking the time to learn how to do her makeup before the big day arrives is a great chance for the bride to relax and enjoy herself without the need to worry about the fact that everyone will be watching her. She can also have the opportunity to practice her makeup and decide on a look at a hens night Melbourne before her wedding day arrives. Learning about the kinds of looks that she might choose for her wedding day is a great thing for the hens night Melbourne and all those who are going to be at her upcoming big day.

Modern Makeup Choices

A makeup party is also a chance for a hens night Melbourne that focuses on modern techniques. Modern makeup techniques help provide any bride with a subtle and elegant look she’ll relish as she walks to the altar. She has the chance to sample lots of types of makeup during the party. For example, a bride may find that there are certain types of eyeliners that really help her show off her beautiful blue eyes. She might like to choose one of the more fashionable looks of the moment and see how it works for her personal features. A bride may also want to have a certain look in makeup for all the members of her bridal party at the same time.

Cheese Tasting Hens Night Melbourne

Have a Cheese Tasting at Your Hens Night Melbourne

Preparing for a wedding involves lots of wonderful rituals. One of the most beloved of all such rites of passage for any bride is perhaps the hens night Melbourne. This is an opportunity to connect with old friends and have one last night on the town before heading down the aisle. One of the most enjoyable aspects of any hens night Melbourne is having someone create special activities just for the bride. Today’s party planners have lots of options. Any option for a Hens Packages Melbourne hens party Melbourne should ideally allow everyone to have a really good time. Many people love the idea of having something to do during this evening that lets them try something new they’ve never done before. They also love doing something that lets everyone participate at the same time. A really good idea for a hens night Melbourne is a cheese tasting party.

Everyone Loves Cheese

Cheese is one of the most popular of all foods. There are hundreds and even thousands of varieties from all over the world. Thee are also dozens of types of cheese including soft cheeses and hard cheese. A cheese tasting party makes a fun thing to do as part of a hens night Melbourne http://www.henspackagesmelbourne.com.au/ Almost appreciates cheese. Many people cheese several times a week or even every single day. For a cheese party, think about many factors before creating one. It’s best to know exactly who is coming well in advance. This way, the party planner can decide on the kind of courses that might be ideal. More people means more opportunity to sample lots of different cheese rather than just a few. It can also help the planner know what kind of cheese might be ideal for all members of the planned
hens night Melbourne.

Setting It Up

It’s a good idea to make arrangements in advance. A good cheese party is one that allows lots of people to sample lots of different types of cheeses. Many places offer at least five to seven types of cheese. They can also suggest other kinds of hens night Melbourne cheese so that everyone has a good time. For example, they might bring out several types of cheeses that are native to Australia. Cheese making culture is one that is vibrant in many parts of Australia. A party of this sort will also typically include lots of other cheeses from other parts of the world. Think about the bride and her guests. If her family is originally from a place such as the United Kingdom or Southern Italy, now is the time and place to honor her heritage with a series of fabulous cheeses that are popular in that part of the world.

Hit The Casino Hens Night Melbourne

Hit The Casino During a Hens Night Melbourne

Few things say more fun than the chance to engage in some gaming. Many people really like gaming. A casino is an exciting place. For those who are going to get married, a hens night Melbourne http://www.henspackagesmelbourne.com.au/ at Crown Casino makes an ideal way to bid goodbye to their days of being single. A night out on the town as part of a hens night Melbourne is all about lots of fun. When people can hit the casino, they can try lots of games of chance. A casino is the perfect way to enjoy the lovely and lively city of Melbourne. The casino is also an ideal place to have a night where everyone gets the chance to participate. Casinos are also ideal for adults to get away and be free in an adult’s only environment. Brides and all the members of the bridal party appreciate the chance to spend time at a hens night Melbourne in an exciting party of the city.

Well in Advance

Advanced planning is crucial for any kind of Hens Packages Melbourne hens night Melbourne . Anyone who wants to give a great party that everyone will love should find out how many people are going to come to the hens night Melbourne. Smaller parties can stick together to a certain part of the casino while others can try lots of sections in the area. It’s also a good idea to make sure that every member of the party has identification on them as they head to the casino. Someone who looks very young may be asked for this kind of card before they are allowed to come into the casino. It’s also a good idea to set up a schedule for the course of the hens night Melbourne. For example, the party can start off with drinks in one area of the casino. Then it can head out to one area where everyone can have a turn playing a casino game.

Having a Lot of Fun

Fun is crucial to any hens night Melbourne. Everyone should have as much fun as possible during the event. In many cases, people who are coming to the wedding may have traveled a long way just to get to the party. They may have a long standing friendship with the bride or may be someone she only knows from the office. Each person should have the chance to interact with others at the party. A casino makes it possible for people to meet others in a low key, fun setting where they can enjoy drinks while they play one of the many games that are available right here. This makes it easy for everyone in the party to celebrate the bride to be.

Wine Tasting For Hens Night Melbourne

Hold a Wine Tasting For Your Hens Night Melbourne

Few things say delicious and celebration like wine. Wine is the stuff of memory and a chance to celebrate the bride and her wedding. Many brides plan to serve wine at their weddings. While brides and her guests love weddings, they don’t always know quite what to serve. A party planner for a hens night Melbourne can offer her dear friend the opportunity to learn more about wines. A wine tasting party makes the perfect thing to have at a Hens Packages Melbourne hens night Melbourne Guests appreciate the chance to sample lots of different kinds of wines. Wine also helps people relax and let go of the many cares that can surround the bride as she prepares for the big day to come. A hens night Melbourne that includes lots of different types of wine is also a wonderful way to learn about wine in a low key and fun setting.

Sampling Lots of Wines

Wines from around the world are an ideal choice for any hens night Melbourne. It’s a good idea to think about the kind of wines that may be served at a hens night Melbourne. Some people may want to focus only on white wines while others prefer to include only red wines. It’s a good idea to ask the bride what kinds of wines she likes best. Many brides like certain types of wines and will not enjoy other kinds of wines. For example, she may prefer to stick to dry wines with little sweetness. She might also want to try wines that are traditionally associated with dessert such as port for her
hens night Melbourne. It’s also a good idea to get in touch with some of the other guests if possible before the hens night Melbourne http://www.henspackagesmelbourne.com.au/  A guest may suggest a certain type of wine for the tasting that she knows many of the people will appreciate.

The Great Night

A party can offer people the chance to relax and try lots of wines. It’s a good idea to allow at least three glasses of wine per person. A wine party setting will typically have many glasses for each member of the party. They may also suggest other things to go along with the wine. For example, they might offer pairings with food such as cheeses that can help bring out the best flavors of the wine. They might also suggest other kinds of foods that people in the party will. A series of chocolates are delicious and create a festive air for the entire party. There are also lots of other types of foods that people can sample as they drink glasses of wine such as lots of varied types of Italian salamis.

Chinatown For Hens Night Melbourne

Head Out to Chinatown For Your Hens Night Melbourne

Melbourne is a world class city. Home to hundreds of thousands of people, the city makes a great destination. Those who love here love it. The city has lots of wonderful neighborhoods to explore. One of the most popular is Chinatown. Chinatown makes the perfect setting for a hens night Melbourne. This part of the city has lots of things to see and lots of restaurants to try. A hens night Melbourne makes the ideal time to see lots of places that people, even those who live here, may not have seen before. The person who is planning the hens night Melbourne will often a mixture of people coming to her party. There may be people who have lived in the region their whole lives and know it well. There may also be guests who are coming to Melbourne and seeing it for the first time.

Planning a Trip

Planning a trip to Chinatown for a hens night Melbourne is easier than ever. Chinatown is wonderful all day and all night long. The area is also safe so everyone can have the chance to walk around and feel comfortable even late at night. There are also lots of fabulous places for a great meal during the course of a hens night Melbourne www.henspackagesmelbourne.com.au . It’s a good idea to allow enough time for at least two meals during the Hens Packages Melbourne at Chinatown. For example, the party might like to have a full meal in the area for dinner. Then, as part of the hens night Melbourne, they can head to another restaurant and sample some tea and some of the desserts that are so popular here. Everyone will have a chance to try something that all might enjoy eating. It’s a good idea to find out if someone in the party has allergies or doesn’t like a specific kind of food.

The Great Evening

A great evening in Chinatown means that every single member of the party has the opportunity see this part of Melbourne. It’s a good idea to create a list of places to see during the party. A good route will help everyone stay on track and keep together as they head out during the party. Each person should know exactly where they are headed during the trip. Provide every single guest with a list of the places that everyone is visiting. This way, they know the names and the places. If they get lost, they can call other members of the party and find out where everyone else is at that time. When everyone knows where they are going, that will make the party flow more smoothly and allow everyone to enjoy this fun evening out.